The Best Skincare EVER

With this cold weather and the fact that mother nature is against me (am I right, Ladies?!), my skin has been less than happy. I have been getting a bunch of hormonal spots on my chin and my skin is excessively dry, which for a very oily skinned person is quite interesting. So after doing a lot of research and listening to many reviews, I found an amazing skincare brand called the Ordinary.

This. Brand. Is. Magic. Rather than focusing on fancy packaging and names, they simply state the solution on the bottle with a description of what the chemical compound  will help with.

The first bottle I picked out was their Hyaluronic Acid and B5 solution. I have heard a couple beauty gurus use this as their serum solution as it boosts collagen and helps the skin absorb more moisture and get more out of your moisturizer. And let me tell you. It is wonderful. When you put it on at first, it feels sticky, but as it sinks in, you feel your skin become soft and supple. Afterwards I put my moisturizer on top and my skin is set for moisture all day long. I use it in the morning and at night right before I moisturize.


Back when I was in high school and my cystic acne was very bad, I was prescribed a very expensive Retinoid which is a cream product that regulates typical cell growth and targets deep cystic spots. But the content of the chemical compound was too high for me and it was not the right chemical and it made my skin peel so I stopped using it. But recently the FDA approved several Retinoids for use without a prescription. I have heard only good things about using a low concentration of a Retinoid, and I just don’t think my skin liked the drying element.But after my research, I found that it promotes healthy cell growth and collagen plumping, while reducing the appearance of spots and wrinkles I figured I should try it again. So when I stumbled upon The Ordinary and saw that they had a formula of a low concentration of a retinoid within an oil (Squalene) I figured I’d give it a shot. And it is amazing! I have been using it every other night for 2 weeks now and I am so impressed.


And the best part is the price. When you’re not paying for fancy brand names and packaging, you get some bang for your buck. Both these bottles were between 6 and 9 euro each. My total purchase cost only 14 euro which is less than many skincare brands charge for one item.

So if you give any of their products a try, let me know what you think!

xo Em



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