Abroad Updates: Rennes, Saint Malo, and Mont Saint Michel

Almost 5 years ago, my family housed a girl from Rennes, France for a summer. And after all these years we remained friends and when I made the decision to come to France for my semester abroad, she invited me to stay with her family. After 5 years, we re-united a few weekends ago as I went to stay with her family in Rennes, Bretagne, France. It was the most amazing weekend and her family was so warm and welcoming, I felt right at home. Not to mention, they took me on some incredible adventures all around the northern coast of France.

After a morning filled with crepes and cider, we went out for a day in Rennes.


Rennes, the capital city of Brittany (Bretagne in French) is known for its medieval architecture, characterized by the croiser pattern of the wood framing and the colorful timber. It was so quaint and colorful, not to mention all decorated for the holidays. Victoire’s dad knew all kinds of fun historic facts about the city, and you know me and my history. It was like walking through a fairytale village.

Saint Malo

After a morning in Rennes we drove through the French countryside to a small seaside city, Saint Malo. This is the city where Victoire and her family vacation in the summer. It was a beautiful little town with a rocky coast. What struck me the most were the enormous mansions that sat on the cliffs. Apparently a lot of celebrities own them and vacation in Saint Malo too.


While we were there, the clouds cleared and the vibrant blue of the water shown through the mist. The horizon was dotted with little rocky islands, some of which had little homes built on them. It was quite a site to see.


Mont Saint Michel

Perhaps the most amazing place we went was a tiny island topped with an enormous cathedral with a town populated by just 44 people. In the region of Normandie, this little island appears to be in the middle of the ocean; and it somewhat is. Surrounded by a wall, this island is only accessible by foot when the tide is out. It was absolutely miraculous and the medieval cathedral was an architectural feat in itself.


My trip ended with a small bump in the road as my train on Sunday was cancelled, but with the help of Mrs. Simonneaux, I got a ticket for the next morning upgraded to first class for no charge.

It was one of my favorite trips so far and I am so grateful to Victoire and her lovely family for having me and taking me on some amazing adventures I will remember for a lifetime.

xo Em


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