Cute Little Gift Guide: 1

At last! We have arrived at my favorite month (besides October) and as I am writing this I am blasting Spotify’s Christmas Classics playlist (the best one) and feeling very festive, as I am about to head north to Rennes to visit a long time friend.

I have decided that each week of December, leading up to Christmas, I would show you a cute, DIY gift idea that won’t break the bank. And today’s is my favorite. All you need is ~20 EUR/USD and a bit of free time. For this craft you will need:

A couple plain mugs (mine are from Hema and were only 2 euro each)

A water resistant permanent marker

Tea, coffee or hot cocoa


And its simple: on each mug get creative! For mine, I did one winter themed, one personalized and a cute everyday one. And don’t worry if you mess up, permanent marker can be wiped off with a cotton pad and acetone (nail polish remover). Just make sure to rinse the mugs before gifting them.


Once done decorating and the mugs have dried, pick your favorite winter beverage and put a package or so in each mug. I used Hema tea in 3 different varieties; each box was only 2 euros.

To finish, I also purchased adorable tissue paper and a matching gift bag for wrapping, also from Hema (Not sponsored, haha I just really love Hema).

Stay tuned for more cut and easy gift DIY ideas ❤

Merry Christmas, Em


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