My Favorite French Beauty Products

My time in France is quickly coming to an end (so sad!) and over the pas 5 months I have delved deep into the realm of French beauty, particularly French Pharmacie brands. These products range from skincare to hair and each have proved to me that the French know how to take care of themselves.


Starting with skincare, my top spots go to products from the pharmacy brand La Roche Posay. The first product I purchased was the Effaclar A.I. Targeted Imperfection Corrector. It is a spot treatment for small breakouts, pimples and bumps. This product is a dream. While it doesn’t work on my cystic blemishes, the smaller surface imperfections disappear after one night of application. After I moisturize, I pop this on and in the morning my face is smooth.

Once I realized how great the spot treatment worked, I had to try some more from this brand. I was running low on my Caudalie micellar water (stay tuned) and wanted to try something new, so I picked up both the Eau Micellar Ultra and the Hydreane Legere Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. I love the micellar water because it feels light and not oily or sticky. After washing my face, I apply the moisturizer and I it is so smooth! It feels and smells fresh and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling silky. They also have an extra strong one that is perfect for dry winter skin. I also find it is great for oily skin because the base is thermal water so it moisturizes without leaving behind oil.

As I talked about in a past post, the Body Shop foundation is just THE best. Click here to see a full review.

Lastly, I have used up 2 full bottles of the Caudalie micellar water. This stuff is magic. It smells amazing and is great for oily skin. I always cleanse afterward and really only use it to take off my makeup at the end of the day, but it truly removes all trace of foundation and eye makeup (sans some leftover waterproof mascara). Plus it smells so luxurious.


Ending on hair, I have become addicted to both the Batiste and the CoLab (of which I have none left) dry shampoos. I have been going longer and longer without washing my hair. I shower every day because I workout and I just condition my hair. While its still wet, I spray my newest favorite, the Evoluderme Paris Keratin Liquid liberally. This stuff smooths and gives shine while keeping my hair strong. It also has helped my hair grow longer and better while providing heat protection. Once my hair is dried, I spray a little of the dry shampoo and, if I’m feeling up to it, I straighten my hair.

If you want to try any of these products, they are all offered in America. They are a little more expensive just because they have to imported. The ones not available in Sephora or Target are sold on Amazon.

Have you fallen for and foreign products?

xo Em


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