Itty Bitty Body Shop Haul

I have been on the hunt for a great foundation that would not break the bank or my skin. I have very oily skin so oil or water based foundations never tend to work for me. They either clog my pours or break apart and oxidize within an hour. So I knew I needed something different.  I had heard that the Body Shop did makeup but I was skeptical; its not the first place I think of when I think ‘foundation.’ But now I’m hooked.

I ventured on a whim into the Body Shop at Place Bellecour in Lyon (for anyone who doesn’t know I am currently studying in France). Knowing I wanted a foundation but not really knowing what to look for, I walked over to the makeup. Seeing me trying to match myself, one of the sales associates came over and asked if I needed help. In my broken French I explained to her that I had oily skin that was prone to redness. She immediately recommended I go for shade 014, Railay Beach.


She was so kind and in an mixture of english and french we conversed about what would work for my skin. She sat me down and used some of the Body Shop’s ‘Seaweed’ line products to cleanse my skin, then she perfectly applied my foundation, advising me to use a dense brush or a sponge. The foundation was perfect; it matched my natural skin tone and erased all my redness (from my keritosis pilaris) and covered my breakouts (that time of the month, am I right ladies?). She even contoured for me and recommended the brush I should used to blend.


Because they were having a Black Friday week sale (funny because they don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving, they just have a week of sales), if you bought 2 items you got the third free. I asked if she could recommend a scrub and she pulled one from the ‘Seaweed’ range again and explained this range was perfect for oil control. So I added that and a dense blending brush for contouring to my basket with the foundation. In total I only spend 29 euros (equivalent to about $32 USD) for a brilliant foundation, a brush and a large bottle of scrub. The foundation was 13 euros but ended up being free, the brush was 13 euros and the scrub was 16 euros. I’d say thats a deal! Plus the woman was so friendly and very knowledgeable about the products and skincare!


My skin has a very red/pink undertone so a foundation with a cool undertone perfectly covers it. This particular one has a more olive tone, so the green cancels out any redness. It blends like a dream and once it dries it stays for hours. I barely touch it up all day.

I hope this post offered some good tips. I am not sponsored by the Body Shop, I am just a new fan of theirs 🙂

xo Em



3 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Body Shop Haul

  1. Oh my gosh I love that foundation it’s my absolute favourite. I don’t even have oily skin i have quite dry skin but i’m officially converted because of the coverage! I use the same brush to apply it too. That was a new experience to start off with because it was quite hard to get used to the circular motions thing. (I’ve always been trained to apply makeup downwards because of the small hairs on your face sticking up!) Oh well ramblings over I love that foundation haha ! Great post x

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