Abroad Updates: Geneva, Switzerland

One of my good friends from high school, Alicia, decided to come visit me and we took a day trip to Geneva. While just a 2 hour bus ride from Lyon, it couldn’t have been more unique. We spent the morning walking around the lake, which was completely peaceful and very autumnal. The trees had just begun to turn and the fresh lake air was great break from the pollution of a bigger city like Lyon.


We walked all the way up to the Botanic Gardens, which really weren’t gardens at all, just a couple greenhouses full of exotic plants, but it was lovely nonetheless. Once you exit the Botanic Gardens you can continue up the more urbanized side of town until you reach none other than the United Nations! Unfortunately you can only go inside if you work there (I know lame, right?! lol) but we got to see the famous flags.


We of course had to stop and get some Swiss chocolate and I can confirm: best. chocolate. everrrr. For lunch we stopped for crepes and mine was so good it was gone before I could snap a decent picture!


The rest of the time we spent exploring the city. The architecture is a very exotic mixture of different European styles and I found it very aesthetically pleasing.

It was such a lovely day and it was nice to leave France for a bit!

xo Em


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