Abroad Updates: Annecy, Vienne and Grenoble

Hey everyone!

It has been a hot minutes since I have written on here as I have been really busy while abroad. Lyon is amazing and I have been traveling all around France and Europe. I am planning on posting daily my past adventures until I catch up. This weekend I am on my way to Amsterdam. But this post is going to be centered on my trips around France.

The first place besides Lyon was Annecy. And I can honestly say it is still my favorite place in France so far.


Annecy was a essentially your typical French village. Situated in the Rhone Alps on a beautiful blue lake, the view was the most beautiful I have ever seen. The colorful village scape was unified by the red roofs which could be seen from the castle on top of the hill.


I just wore my comfy Brandy Melville sweater, my Abercrombie jeans and my Pumas.


Next, I took a day trip to Vienne, France, which was a small city about 20 minutes outside Lyon by train. I chose to visit here because of the deep history of the Roman Empire. About 2 years ago in Vienne archaeologists uncovered the ruins of an ancient Roman village. Being an Historic Preservation major with a minor in Archaeology, this was a hug draw for me.


Lastly I visited Grenoble, which was a lovely little town with a huge archaeological site as well. Unfortunately I did not get many photos, but the view from the top of the mountain was unreal.


Sorry for the lack of posts and for this being such a short post, but I am jetting off to Amsterdam in a few hours and wanted to update y’all!

Stay tuned for more travel and fashion posts!

xo Em


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