Faire du Magasin | Publication du Jour 4 & 5

The past two days have been dizzying busyness! I have had orientation both yesterday and today and today I completed the writing portion of my placement exam, all while battling jet lag. However, in the couple of hours I had to myself I went to explore the shopping scene (as you do) and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Among the numerous French boutiques (in which I could afford nothing), they had Zara, Zara home, Brandy Melville, H&M, the Body Shop and soooo much more! I thought I would share some of my purchases in a little haul 🙂


I picked up these adorable linen trousers at Brandy Melville for 35€. The only problem I have with Brandy is that all their clothing is one size fits all, which we aaaaalll know isn’t true. Most of their clothes are too small on my but these trousers fit perfectly. They were snug on the hips and butt, but slightly stretchy. Plus, I love the simple vertical stripes that make my legs look much longer than they are.


Next I stopped into Zara. Oh.My. The Zara in Lyon is amazing. I went in looking specifically for fall clothes and came out with this beautiful sweater. The knit is a taupe-y gray with black detail on the hems. The sleeves expand into subtle bell sleeves. This was only 39€.


Next, also at Brandy, I bought this simple basic for 17€. It is a white, long sleeve crop top with fine ribbing. It figured it would be good to have a winter-y basic t-shirt.


One thing I LOVE about France is Pharmacie. In France, all pharmacies are pretty small and are marked with a large, green cross. But inside is a vast array of skin care that costs almost double in the U.S. In the pharmacie, I found Caudalié, one of my FAV brands. I picked up some eau micellaire for makeup removal for only 6€!!! I also stopped for a peep in Zara Home, which is one of my new favorite stores. I needed a body lotion and found this one in Zara Home for just 5.99€.


Altogether, I found multiple pieces and items I genuinely needed at some of my favorite stores. I may not be able stop myself from stopping back in…

xo Em


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