What I’m Enjoying Reading | Summer 2017

While this summer has been a busy one for me, between working full time and preparing to go abroad for several months, I have forced myself to find time to read some amazing material. Both fiction and non-fiction are included on my top 4 list, as well as some magazine issues.

1. Current Read: Career of Evil, Robert Galbraith

Last summer I became fixated on the Comoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). I read both the Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm. So this summer I made it my mission to read the third novel in the series, Career of Evil. I am loving it just as much as the others. The dynamic character of Detective Strike puzzles and amuses me as he works with his former secretary to solve a gory crime directed at himself this time around. Together they push through problems, personal and professional and, from where I stand on page 103, struggle to find the culprit who lives among them.

2. Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, Lily Collins

This book hit very close to home for me as it described, in words I could never seem to find, the horror and disease that is an eating disorder. Lily takes you through her past, the good and bad times, relaying how she navigated abusive relationships, mental illness and family expectations; and ultimately how she came out on top of her demons. Lily writes with more conviction than many authors I have read. Having journalism experience herself, she is able to convey her experiences in a way that the average joe can grasp and appreciate.

3. Grit, Angela Duckworth

Another non-fiction read for your troubles, Duckworth dives extreeeeemmmely deep into the human psyche to figure out what makes some people grittier than others? Her life’s work, outlined in this multi-chapter dissertation, studies group after group, individual after individual, ultimately outlining the ways in which we, as humans, can be grittier and more persevering in our lives as a whole. She provides amazing examples that I found to be interesting and eclectic. Duckworth also writes in a way that a not-so-academic, such as myself, could fully understand and absorb.

4. Architectural Digest (September 2017 Issue)

I have been an avid reader of AD for several years now, as one day I aspire to be an architect for historic structures, and I have found more and more that the issues cover historic homes that have been revamped to fit modern needs. I find this extremely important. In the latest issue, Claudia Schiffer gives a glimpse into her profoundly historic Tudor mansion in England. The significance of this structure lies, not only in its design and history, but in the way that Claudia and her family have adapted it for their personal use, while maintaining much of the historical integrity. The patterned wallpapers set above oak paneling and mix of contemporary and cottage-style design synthesize past and present seamlessly. And I love the way the journalist captured this design.

I hope you found one or two ‘wanna-reads’ in my list!

xo Em


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