Summer Favorites

I have a plethora of favorites from all different categories of life that I have been obsessed with this summer. And with summer coming to a close, and everyone’s fav season on the rise (autumn, duh!) I figured it was about time to share what I have been loving this summer.


To start, calligraphy. I am a calligraphy slut. I binge watch calligraphy videos on Instagram daily and this summer I decided to try it out myself. I went to my local art store and asked for recommendations on beginner calligraphy pens and bought some. They are dual ended, with a fine point on one side and a brush tip on the other. While I am not quite up to par with the Instagram professionals, I find calligraphy a relaxing way to harness my creativity.



I have three beauty favs that I have been using consistently this summer and the first has to be the Mask of ‘Magnaminty’ from Lush. Let me tell you. This is the ultimate summer mask. It’s not completely clay, as it has honey in it for added moisture and blackhead removal, but it resembles your average clay mask in consistency. It has a combination of oats and other natural exfoliants in it as well. But what makes this mask my favorite is the added spearmint. Not only does it smell so fresh, it is cooling on the skin (perfect for a hot summer day.) The spearmint is light and does not feel drying or overwhelming and I find I can use this mask fairly often, as opposed to other more drying masks.

I don’t go to Bath & Body Works often, but in Charleston there is an outlet store and everything in there is literally 50-70% off so I HAD to buy something, right?! So I picked up a body mist. I prefer these mists to perfume because they’re cheaper, you get more product, and the smell isn’t overwhelming. Oahu Coconut Sunset has been my favorite scent for summer and I reach for it just about every morning.



I don’t carry around a very big bag or purse, but a few things I haven’t been able to live without having them in my bag this summer are a small hairbrush, my DressUp sunnies and hair coils. My favorite out of all of these has to be the hair coils. They are so cute and don’t leave any marks in your hair. They do stretch out like other hair bands, but if you put them in boiling hot water, they will shrink back to their original size. This is awesome because then you don’t have to keep buying new ones every time they stretch out.

Hope you enjoyed!
xo Em


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