Surrounding Yourself with Beauty is Important

When I went to look at colleges, my parents had something very important they stressed to me. They, of course, wanted me to pick a place with great academics and somewhere I could find opportunities and paths to take in my career. But they also emphasized the importance of being happy wherever you are. I looked at A LOT of schools. Each with their own communities and unique aspects. But the ones that appealed to me the most, I found, were those that alined with my idea of what is beautiful.


I have always found myself to be aesthetically inclined, that is drawn to those things, both man made and natural, that elicit beauty (according to my own standard, as beauty is different for everyone). And searching for places where I would be spending 4 years, perhaps more, of my life was no different. In the end, I found that the places of beauty were those where I was most at peace while also yearning to explore. In the end, I picked Charleston, South Carolina.


Now, you will not find a place that in its entirety is beautiful, however, what interested me about Charleston was that it was a city, a residential area, a college town, a historical landmark, and architecturally significant all in one place. There were distinct areas of the city which were run down and yet the city still called to me for its individuality. I found the diversity beautiful. I found the uniformity beautiful. It was all so pleasing to my senses.


After a tough time in high school, I was ready for a change. But, like for most new college students, the change was difficult. But once I got out, explored and surrounded myself with beautiful landscapes, architecture and people, I knew I had made the right choice. It made me happy.


And it is a proven fact that looking at something that you deem beautiful with soothe you and make you happier. Imagine constantly choosing to be around beauty how happy you could be? And that happiness transfers to others. The happier you are the better you treat others, making them happier. It truly is a chain reaction that all starts with beauty.


So do thing that allow you to see beauty: redecorate your room exactly how you want, take photos, paint, dress up or down; whatever makes you see beauty and feel good.



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