Go To Summer Hair

With the heat of summer beating down on you, there is nothing worse than hair in your face. And it can be all too easy to just throw it back everyday and get stuck in a hair funk. I have been experimenting with styles to keep the hair off my face while keeping it interesting and fun!

This braided look has been a go-to for me lately and I hope y’all find it just as cute!

First begin with refreshed hair (either freshly washed or sprayed with your favorite dry shampoo) and brush through any knots or tangles. Then, taking a thin layer of hair on the front of your head, split it into three strands like you are going to braid.


Next, begin a dutch braid by crossing the outer strands underneath the middle. As you go, build the dutch braid by adding hair to the outer strands before you cross them under. Make sure you collect only enough hair to keep parallel parts on either side of your head, as shown below.fullsizeoutput_115afullsizeoutput_1164

Once you reach the top of your head, stop the dutch braid and do a few plaits extra just to allow for error when you put an elastic on it.


Once you have an elastic on, brush through the rest of your hair to smoothen it out. Use bobby pins to make any adjustments.


I hope y’all enjoyed this! I’ll be posting more hair tutorials soon 🙂

xo Em



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