Spring Clothing Haul

Happy March! I hope this transition into Spring has been a time of good change and cleansing, I know it has for me; and also for my wardrobe. I had a massive closet clean out and collected an entire bag of items to donate. Afterwards, my wardrobe was looking pretty grim. So over the past month or so, these are items I have purchased to rebuild my wardrobe for spring (and summer, considering Spring in the South is just not really a thing). Each piece I thought pretty carefully about and some I had my eye on for a while. I really sat down and looked at what I had and created a mental list for things I genuinely needed, things I would get wear out of. For this reason, I felt better about spending a little more because I know these pieces will last and get wear.


One of the points on my mental list of items I needed were clothes I could wear to work when it got warm. And this piece fit the bill! This blouse, from Francesca’s, has a tank top template with shoulder cutouts and 3/4 bell sleeves. It is flowy and combines warm and cool floral colors so it is springy and will not make me too hot. Paired with light-wash or white denim, and the look is complete!


As I am entering the professional world and beginning the search for internships, I needed more business-like pieces and this Asos blouse is perfect. It is a lovely collarless button-down with a flap detail cutting the fabric in half.


I have been wanting a pair of overall shorts for SO LONG. When I was little I was the overall queen and I think it is about time I resume my place on the throne. For this reason I splurged a little at Francesca’s and bought these bad boys that I have had my eye on for about a month. And I could not be more obsessed with them.


Again looking for clothes that fit the specifications for my retail job, I purchased these next three items. From the brand Umgee, I purchased this sweater tank with beatifully detailed fringe. This is a perfect transition piece as it has winter-y elements such as the knit texture, with a warmer color and lighter cut.


From the Gap, I purchased this simple cotton shift dress. This goes with everything and eliminates the need for me to put together an entire outfit. It is also perfect for the warmer months since I cannot wear shorts to work. Also from Umgee, I purchased this beautiful blue babydoll frock.



This cotton, decorative tee is also perfect as it is a light color with a beautiful cut and tie-up detail on the back.


For loungewear and activewear,I picked up these two Gap pieces. I am in LOVE with the athletic shorts, they are so comfy and the coral of the tank is very Spring-yfullsizeoutput_1040fullsizeoutput_1041fullsizeoutput_1048fullsizeoutput_1049

And of course, everyone needs a college sweatshirt for Spring so I picked up this super comfy sweatshirt.

So go do some spring cleaning and change up your wardrobe for the warmer months!

xo Em


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