My Latest Skincare Routine

With Winter coming to an end, my skin has been left feeling all kinds of ways (none of them good). And so in the past few weeks I have adopted a new skincare routine that has provided acne control and moisture to keep my skin looking glowy, healthy, and ready for the Spring sunshine.


My cleansers are constantly changing, but on the recommendation of my dermatologist for my hormonal acne, I have begun using PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash (pictured here is the Walgreen’s generic brand because I need to save every penny I can). This cleanser is UNREAL. It is prescription strength and can be used on your face, chest and back. After a week washing with this 1-2 times a day, I have noticed a significant decrease in the hormonal acne on my chin, as well as all the small blemishes on my nose and forehead. Because skin likes when you mix it up I do switch every few days between the PanOxyl and this Oxy cleanser or any cleanser I have on hand. My personal favorites are the Clinique foaming cleanser and Cetaphil.

What many people don’t realize is that moisturizer is vital for good skin. I have very oily skin but that just means I need to moisturize more. When the skin is not getting enough hydration, it will produce excess oil, making your face even more greasy (gross, I know!). So the better hydrated the skin is, the more glow and less grease you get. My current daytime moisturizer is the Olay Active Hydrating Cream. this is perfect because its not overly thick and is absorbed very quickly by the skin. For the nighttime, I opt for a much thicker cream, the Lancome Multi-Action Night moisturizer. This stuff is magic. I put on a pea sized amount at bed time and when I wake up my skin is lifted and my pores are indistinguishable!

On days when my skin needs a little extra something, I like to do a mask. My favorite beauty mask lately has been the Beauty Counter Purifying Charcoal Mask. Another interesting mask that works wonders on inflamed blemishes is Aspirin. Buy some un-coated aspirin tablets and take 3-4 in a little dixie cup. mix with a few drops of water until they break down into a paste and spread it on you face. Let it dry into a crust and then rinse with warm water. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory so any redness or inflammation on your skin with be reduced significantly.

What are your favorite skincare products for the Spring? Let me know in the comments!

xo Em


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