Creating a Transition Wardrobe

Living in Charleston, there is not much winter in between fall and spring, however most days I find it difficult to find something to wear because the weather is too chilly for summer clothes, but the sun is shining too bright for me to want to put on a dark sweater. Finding a happy medium that combines elements from winter with spring color and sweetness.

Pastels. Pastels. Pastels. In the early spring months, pastels are perfect because they are soft enough that they don’t appear too summery, but they add color and lightness to a look preventing it from slipping into the deep hues of winter. For this particular outfit, my pastel of choice is a gentle pink, almost nude shade. I love this a-line shift dress by Easel from the Oops Co. on King Street. The color is called ‘mocha’ but I find the tan has a warmer element to it which is a perfect synthesis of winter and spring. Not to mention, the lace detail on the skirt adds a fun, girlish element to the look.


My next biggest tip is layering. In Charleston in particular, the spring is full of brisk mornings that turn into balmy afternoons. Layering can keep you comfortable and adds texture to the look. I have added this light wash denim jacket from the brand Rubbish. The blue of the denim is bright enough to contrast the neutral tone of the dress while not distracting from it. I also added a simple marbled beaded necklace also to contrast the warmer tone of the dress.


For shoes, I like to pick summer footwear in darker nude colors. This again brings in the element of seasonal change by paying mind to the fact that dark colors have not yet completely disappeared from the wardrobe. For this look, I picked my tie-up flat Steve Madden sandals in an amber suede material.



For makeup I used light, neutral, matte shades.

I hope you liked this look and use it to create a spring transition wardrobe that fits your style and environment!

A big thank you to Kendoll Pemberton for the photography. She’s amazing, check her out on Instagram @kendoll_leigh 🙂

xo Em


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