Creating a ‘Feel Good’ Space (Small Homeware Haul)

Life is really difficult sometimes. And lately I feel like life’s down side has taken akin to me. But I have found complete solace in what I like to call ‘place-making.’This is interior design, of sorts, but much more accessible. It is about creating an environment that you, not only feel good in, but find soothing and relaxing. So much of my life is scheduled and one thing after the next. I find it easier to cope if I let my mind rest and exterior influences play a huge role in that. Because I live with roommates, the one place I have sole control over is my bedroom.

Depending on the season, I like to change up my decor. During the winter, everything was quite dark, with deep maroon and forest green accents (as well as a cute little Christmas tree). But now that the weather in Charleston is transitioning, the sun is always shining and I have found myself infatuated with color. I think a lot of people are afraid of color; on Instagram, all I seem to stumble upon are very plain, white spaces. Perhaps people are afraid of color, but it can make or break a space, not to mention the mind finds certain colors soothing. So this year I have begun to surround myself with colors that create an interesting space that calms and stimulates me.


Towards the end of December, I began to collect items from numerous homegoods stores to create a new, spring environment. First, I figured out which colors suited my personal tastes. I am currently in love with shades of peach an deep turquoise, almost jewel tones. While browsing around Anthropology I found an amazing throw pillow (that happened to match one I already had from Threshold). It encompassed everything I wanted; it has all my favorite bright colors, with an abstract, zen-like pattern. Very boho. Because I wanted the pillow to be the focal point of the space I bought an incredible Ralph Lauren blanket in a peachy cream to accent the pillow. Now with all this color, you do need some plainness so I designated my bathroom-ware to be light and clean. I found these adorable Parisian towels to match my bathrobe. The accent of the embroidery is a great little decoration in itself.


One item that never fails to complete a tranquil space for me is a good candle. I used up all my Christmas candles by the end of December so I went on the search for new, fresh scents. At Urban Outfitters, they had these little gems on sale (2 for $10). I got Sandlewood and Lychee, which smells like fresh flowers. The orange and coconut one is the perfect, summery blend of citrus and tropics. Not to mention, they are in cute little tins and wrapped in decorative paper which adds to the ambiance.


Hopefully over the next few months, I will be able to keep you updated on my preferences for my personal ‘feel good’ space. I find it soothing to, not only have such a space, but to see what makes others feel good in their environment as well!

xo Em


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