Back to Basics: 5 Minute Makeup

This year I am happy to see one trend dying out: statement contour. For the average person, contouring is unnecessary and takes up too much time, not to mention it looks much different in reality than on camera. So the look I’ve been going for lately in this new year is a toned-down strobe-like look. Instead of sharp, dark feature, I used a natural highlighter to give my face a light glow that looks natural.

Of course, we begin with a freshly cleansed, moisturized and primed face. My favorite morning cleanser is Aveeno light exfoliating cleanser. My go to day time moisturizer lately is Burt’s Bees moisturizer with cotton extract. It is light and will moisturize without excess oil. For primer, I used the Maybelline Master Prime in ‘Blur+Smooth’.

Afterwards, rather than going for full coverage, full face foundation, I used the Sephora Bright Future gel serum concealer (shade 08 ‘palmier’) to just cover my under eyes and touch up my blemishes. This concealer is amazing at blending into the skin and provides very ample coverage without caking or weighing down your face. Blend it with a beauty lender by dabbing lightly until it is fully dispersed around the face, then powder to set. I am obsessed with the NYX mineral setting powder.


For this look brows are important, but not in the artificial strict sense that we all see on Instagram. Lately I have just been using a fibrous, tinted brow gel and I brush my brows upward. Then I let them sit and set themselves, any longer stray hairs I lightly push down. But I find that the bushy brow look can make brows look full and natural without harsh lines and contrast. It creates a flow from brow to skin.

Now onto the star of the show: highlight. For this look, it helps to use a naturally hued highlighter that is warmer on the spectrum. I use my all time favorite highlighter by Becca in the color ‘Opal’. This is where this look borders on strobing, but rather than using a fan brush to create lines of product, I took a fluffy powder brush and lightly fluffed the powder over the high points of my face: cheek bones, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and chin. Using a smaller fluffy brush, I added strokes beneath my brow and in my tear duct as well as on my cupids bow.

Next, to create definition while not over doing it, I applied mascara to my upper and lower lashes, lightly brushing the land from the base of the lashes to the tip to avoid chunks and clumps. Then I tightlined (lining the upper waterline). In this look, don’t waterline your lower lid; this makes your eyes appear smaller and more closed. I wanted this look to be bright and open.

For the lips, I prepped with Vaseline then applied a neutral pink liquid matte lipstick. I let this sit for a few, allowing the color to mix with the Vaseline and lightly stain the lips. I then blotted much of the product off, leaving the lips lightly tinted and moisturized without cakiness.

And, voila!


I hope you enjoyed this very quick guide to a natural look. Hopefully this will inspire you to experiment with your natural features and find comfort in your own skin!

xo Em


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