Holiday Home Haul

I don’t know about anyone else, but after growing up in a place where is is winter pretty much 8 months of the year (give or take), winter has become my favorite season. And upon living in the south for about a year and a half now, I realize just how much I love winter. Part of it is I just love the holiday season. I celebrate Christmas and since I was little I have had this obsession with Christmas and winter home decor. Maybe it was the fact that my interior-designer mother always created the coziest, most festive decorations and had candles in every window. As I have grown older I have realized my own affinity for home design and that is, in part, why I am an Historic Architectural Preservation major. But my creativity really explodes in my own apartment with my style. With Thanksgiving over, I am in full holiday mode (while not worrying obsessively about final exams) and I did some home decor shopping the minute the shops put out their holiday collections. So in the interest of inspiration, I figured I would share my holiday haul with my readers!


First, my fairy lights are the copper wire lights from Restoration Hardware that I have had for several years. Their decor is pretty expensive, but they have really nice accent pieces that will last you for years. From the store I worked at, I picked up a Mudpie bathroom towel which is decorated with sequins and bells which I thought was so festive. I also bought a Mudpie ornament (also with a bell… I see a trend) that I am currently hanging on my door so that it rings when I walk in!


I also ordered these INCREDIBLE Bath & Body Works candles (on sale for $12.50 for Cyber Monday). I don’t know how they did it, but they captured the scent of snow mixed with evergreens in the ‘Winter’ candles. And the ‘Fresh Balsam’ is literally what Christmas smells like to me.


Finally, I found out that H&M now has HOME-WARE! This is so exciting for me because being a college student, it is s nice to be able to get chic home decor for not expensive. I ordered these two pillow cases (20×20) that just tie the room together. The ‘Merry and Bright’ was only $5.99, while the velvet quilted one was a bit more at $20.


I hope this post has given you some festive spirit and perhaps inspired you to create your own festive space during this holiday season. Take some time to light candles and snuggle in your pillows and fuzzy blankets with your loved ones during this season.

xoxo Em


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