Exciting Things to Come!

This year just keeps getting better.

Since I was little I have wanted to travel abroad, but I have never left the country. In particular, I have wanted to visit France. And finally, I am getting the opportunity! I have been accepted to study abroad in Lyon, France, the third largest city in the country, in the fall of 2017. Lyon is located in the south along the French Alps, about 3 miles north of Marseille. I will be intensively studying the French language while exploring the country. I  could not be more excited and will be documenting my adventures on this blog.

But before all that, may have an amazing opportunity here in Charleston. For those who don’t know, I am a Historic Preservation and Community Planning major at the College of Charleston with a minor in Archaeology. This summer I have the opportunity to go to field school in the city of Charleston with some of the top archaeologists in the nation. I am still working out the details, but being a part of history like this is what I have dreamt of doing with my life for years.

I am so excited to expand my knowledge of history and world cultures with exciting events coming up. Stay tuned for updates and diaries of my adventures!

xo Em



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