Guilty Pleasure

As midterms are coming to an end, so are my few weeks of hell. And to reward myself and splurge on something(s) that I have wanted for a while now….. Kylie Lip Kits. Now I am not one to give in to product pressure, but these things are the real deal. I have tried numerous drugstore brands that claim to replicate the magic of the Kylie Liquid Lipsticks, but nothing has ever blown me away. But I caved this week and purchased two shades, Kristen and Pumpkin.


And I mean it when I say these lipsticks are the real deal. Kylie’s deeply pigmented mattes are opaque and dry quickly. This means no more smudging or lipstick teeth. And the perfectly matching lip liners ensure no color bleeding.

The color payoff speaks for itself:


And while they are bit drying, it is well worth it for all the other pros. So, if you are looking for the perfect liquid lipstick, I would highly recommend Kylie’s Lipkits. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Halloween weekend!

xo Em


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